Kay Way investments Pty Ltd

About Us

Kay Way Investments Pty Ltd is a specialist analytically driven marketing services provider with a proven track record of delivering customer engagement solutions spanning credit, insurance, retail, furniture, and telecommunications. We combine data, advanced analytics, insights and execution platforms to effectively acquire new customers and increase profits of your existing customers.
Our solutions are designed to enable you to Know, Get, Keep and Grow your customer base across all key customer engagement opportunities. From advisory services, to direct marketing campaigns, loyalty solutions, spatial and outdoor advertising, to the rapidly emerging digital channel, we will work with you to design and execute long-term, growth focused strategies that will drive ROI.

Kay Way Investments Pty Ltd designs client-specific solutions to solve critical business problems with clearly identified measurable in mind.

By listening to – and learning from – what data tells us, we help you to know more about customers’ needs and segment them into specific customer engagement profiles. Working together, Kay Way Investments Pty Ltd will help assess product alignment and profitability of your engagement strategies. We will help you to get new customers that look like the ones you want, Keep those that you want to retain, and grow them into loyal and valuable brand ambassadors.

Kay Way Investments Pty Ltd services are underpinned by data, enhanced by analytics, and execution focused. We have a strong track record of delivering custom end-to-end solutions for our clients, maximizing your return on investment