Ever come across this type of message after answering your phone? This is what’s known as an Automated Voice Message or AVM for short. An AVM is a professionally recorded, 10-45 second automatic voice message which is activated when your targeted recipient answers their phone – that’s what makes it so unique. The great thing about AVM as a marketing campaign is that it’s targeted and it enables you to reach a large number of recipients in an instant.
With personalized messages, KAY WAY INVESTMENTS structures your AVM campaign in such a way that it has an actual real impact on your target market; and because communication with the recipient is direct, it enables them to make an immediate selection (call-to-action) thus providing you with real-time feedback.AVM is also cost-effective, meaning that you only pay for the recipients we manage to reach on your behalf. AVM is an ideal marketing campaign if you are looking to acquire qualified leads or people who’ve expressed a genuine interest in your offer, or if you want to touchbase with your existing customers. It offers fast implementation and consistency, improved customer service and total measurability.

The end result being an increase in your revenue while minimising overheads.