Welcome to the world of mobile and smartphones – everybody has one and SMS marketing is a fantastic way to let your target audience literally carry your brand wherever they are. It is an ideal way to reach your customers quickly and directly. Whoever said that it’s virtually impossible for a marketing campaign to be cost-effective has obviously not been formally introduced to an SMS campaign.

SMS marketing is arguably the most direct and measurable type of marketing in the digital age available today. What makes it so successful is the ever-growing demand of mobile phones and how rapid this form of communication is; SMS’s are read in just a matter of seconds, making it easier for you to stimulate and generate new leads in 160 characters or less, all with minimal effort on your part.

It offers great value for money while maximizing your ROI, a definite win-win situation. Kay Way Investments has become something of a maven at this type of marketing and we have perfected the art of creating SMS campaigns that are unique and specific to every individual business’ product or service. We will help you build profitable relationships with your target audience, no matter their location and build brand awareness by getting them to actively participate in that relationship through opt-in SMS’s. We will also perform a detailed analysis of your SMS campaign’s performance to ensure that no cent is wasted.